Why I Was Banned from My Children’s School

~Shemeka Michelle

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I walked in the door confused and concerned. I had just received a message that my daughter had been kicked out of class but received no other details. I decided that I would go to the school; prepared to discipline my child if necessary or take a stand if warranted. Either way, I definitely wanted to get to the bottom of why my daughter had been deemed unteachable. Part of the school’s mission statement declares that they want parents working in the area to have quality education near their workplace to provide opportunities for them to visit during the day. I’ve been involved with this school for 15 years and until recently, they’ve had an open and welcoming atmosphere. For the last 15 years, I’ve been a consistent presence.

So just why was I banned? My side of the story…..

Upon arrival, I had small talk with the new secretary as we usually do. I went on to sign-in (following school protocol) and began to inform her of the reason for my visit. I could have easily gone straight to the classroom but thought waiting for assistance was the better approach. Understanding the need for someone to figure out what was going on because we were all clueless; she went to find the dean of middle school. However, with no concern for the situation or for all of the students that were kicked out (I later found out for laughing), his response to the secretary was “I don’t have any scheduled appointments”.  Apparently by the way she relayed the message to me and my daughter’s father, she was just as dismayed by his response. All I wanted to know was that my child was safe, in a class and able to receive instruction. As a former employee at this school, I’ve seen too many situations of unsupervised students go from bad to worse. My concern immediately turned to worry and anger. In my panic, I asked the secretary for the principal and went on to loudly express to her that I was not pleased with the dean for hiding in his office like a faggot ass coward. All of a sudden this man that was just too busy to see me one minute prior came bolting out of his office demanding the secretary to call the police. She complied although she expressed to the 911 operator that she didn’t feel there was any threat or emergency.

I readily admit that likening the dean to a “faggot ass coward” was inappropriate conduct. However, I was in complete duress by the school’s refusal to provide me with ANY information on my daughter and her whereabouts. All I was seeking was clarity and understanding and was NEVER at ANY time threatening.

So just what has changed?

A few weeks ago the principal and I along with a few other employees stood engaged in a conversation on how loud a woman should be when giving oral sex to a man (many would deem that inappropriate conduct). Today, I can’t drop my kids off or take them to school.  Although I was never belligerent, today I’m considered a threat. But, just last week, the principal called my personal cell phone after business hours seeking assistance. Just last month I was asked to come in to give pointers to the new Office Administrator and a few days before that, called in to count money and assist them in rectifying the school’s finances and financial procedures (for which I’m still awaiting promised compensation). That may also be against school policy as I am not employed there. However, they saw no problem with this because it was self serving for them and my track record for the last fifteen years proved I could be trusted to help.

I wonder if they called the police on the teacher that was using the school’s computers to watch pornography or the teachers accused of physical aggression towards students or the parents that approached children to reprimand them for bothering their child or the parent that invited me outside to handle me when I was employed there or the substitute that was caught stealing…. The answer to all of these is NO!

Parent/Teacher conferences are this week and according to the statement given to me by the dean of middle school through the police, I cannot attend. How does a school justify denying a parent involvement with their child’s daily educational process when they are not and haven’t ever been a threat to the students, teachers or other parents? Even sex offenders can at least come to the school. This is a complete abuse of power. The school is trying to set my children up for failure simply because they have a parent willing to speak up for the many injustices I see towards the students.

If I can admit to my misconduct, the school should admit to the dean’s wrongdoing in his unwillingness to do the job he was hired for and for unnecessarily escalating a situation that could’ve easily been resolved. Presently, I am still waiting to hear from the school’s managing company who continually sweep things under the rug until attorneys are involved.

Meanwhile, I will NOT let this rest or allow a grown man and his hurt feelings keep me from being an involved parent!



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